The spa is functional all year round! The water in the Chalets U spa is tested and treated before each new arrival. During stays of a week or more, an interview of a few minutes is carried out discreetly. The goal is to adjust the chemistry of the water and maintain its quality for your well-being!


  • In order to maintain the quality of the spa water, to ensure its proper functioning, to prevent it from being damaged, and in order to respect the tenants who will succeed you, please follow the following instructions:
  • DO NOT add any spa products that you have brought;
  • Take a shower (without soap) before entering the spa to remove any traces of cream or perfume on your skin;
  • Do not pour any product into the spa (various soaps, body cream, sunscreen, bath bubbles, drinks, alcohol, etc.);
  • Do not bring any food, glass or paper items onto the ledge or into the spa;
  • Do not smoke in or around the spa;
  • Open lid CAREFULLY before use.
  • Close the lid CAREFULLY after each use (for safety and energy saving reasons).
  • Please adjust the temperature to 37 C (98 F) when last used daily;
  • Leave the chlorine dispenser in the spa at all times;
  • Children must be under adult supervision;
  • Do not shout in order to respect the neighborhood.