• It is our pleasure to welcome your favorite animal to the chalet! Under certain conditions, however. Be aware that you are entirely responsible for it.
  • Your pet must have been registered when booking.
  • Only one animal per stay. Either a dog up to 25 pounds or a cat;
  • Your pet must not climb on the furniture (sofas, armchair, beds, etc.);
  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times when outdoors.
  • Your dog must not be on a neighboring property at any time.
  • Feces must be picked up immediately, put in a bag and then thrown in the garbage outside;
  • It is essential to ensure that your animal's behavior does not harm the peace of the neighborhood or the integrity of the property;
  • When you leave, there must be no trace of your pet's passage through the chalet. (Hair, traces of urine, damaged furniture or bedding, need for the dog outside, bad smell in the chalet.);
  • The chalet is inspected between each rental. It is your responsibility to ensure that any damage is reported to us. Compensation costs, including material and time spent, will be invoiced.

The conditions concerning the presence of animals are listed in the Booking Conditions.